Vital Joint discount Video packages


Rates below reflect a 20% discount for performances at Vital Joint!
Rates are quoted for performances ranging from 1-2 hours

(Contact us for rates for longer performances...)

All packages include:

- Filming in 4K Ultra-HD Video
- Stereo or 4-Channel Surround HD audio recording
- Fully edited video delivered within 14 days (rush service available)
- Your video hosted online via private Vimeo page
- Consultation via phone or Skype

Single-camera documentation for solo artists & small groups

- 1-2 hours of single camera documentation
- A continuous single-angle video of your performance
- Add a 5 minute excerpt video (+$25)

MULTI CAM JAM: $250-300
Two-camera documentation for theater, dance, and music

- 1-2 hours of two camera documentation (1 videographer)
- A beginning-to-endtwo-angle edit of your performance
- A 5-minute excerpt video of your performance for use on social media or as work sample
- Dress rehearsal visit (+$50)
- Second round of edits (+$50)
- Add a third camera (+$120/night)

Create a film version of your performance with a dedicated video shoot

- Concept meeting with a cinematographer prior to shoot
- A 3-4 hour dedicated film shoot of your performance
- 1 or 2 camera operators
- Up to 3 cameras rolling simultaneously
- Multiple takes, interesting camera angles, unlimited creative options
- A beginning-to-end edit of your as a ready-to-release video
- 1-2 excerpts of any length of your choosing
- Dress rehearsal visit (+$50)
- Second round of edits (+$50)

for immersive theater, weird happenings, haunted houses...

- Work with us to document your performance within your budget