Frequently asked questions


Can't I just film it myself? My phone does video I think...

As a theater artist, I can tell you that for years I tried to document my own work, but even with my experience in video the results always came out poorly. Why? The answer goes beyond just having a nice camera. When you're working on a performance, or planning an event, your mind is rightfully occupied with making the night go smoothly. But with only enough time and energy to throw a camera on a tripod and push record, I guarantee you will not get great results. By hiring a videographer who knows how to translate a live event to the screen and get a variety of angles and shots, you will have one less thing to worry about and be left with a document that can serve so many purposes for you down the line.

Why film in 4K? What even is 4K?

4K Ultra HD is video with a resolution of 3840x2160 as compared to full HD's 1920x1080. Although few have access to 4K TV's and displays (yet!), filming in 4K is already extremely valuable when it comes to documenting performances and events. By recording with twice the resolution of Full-HD, we are able to digitally crop videos in post production without losing any significant resolution. Therefore, we can take a wide angle shot in 4K and turn it into what appears to be several medium-closer shots. This gives us a huge number of options in editing, to ensure our videos never miss a valuable moment. Additionally, when 4K resolution is packed into a 1080 HD file, the result is crisper and more detailed than video originally shot in 1080, giving you video that simply looks better.

What equipment do you use?

I use Panasonic mirrorless cameras (GH4 and G7) to capture 4K video. These cameras are very portable and allow me to use a variety of lenses including Panasonic zoom lenses for tack-sharp video, as well as vintage Nikon lenses for arty-looking footage.

For audio I use the RODE and ZOOM mics to capture mono and stereo audio respectively. Often, I record multiple audio from multiple sources at once once to give us options while mixing audio in post-production.

I edit on my Macbook Pro using Final Cut, often with my cat Linus curled up at my side.

How far will you travel?

I will travel up to one hour from my Brooklyn home at no additional charge. For on-site shoots further then one hour away, an additional fee may apply.